Feel at home in your own townhouse

When you stay in Komachiya, you have the whole house. “Machiya” are the traditional residences of Kyoto merchants and are characterized by a front business area with a long passage through the kitchen to a small garden, the facade of the building finished in white plaster with slit windows.
Komachiya is a 100-year old machiya, originally a pickle merchants but now carefully renovated and fully functional for all you needs for short or long stays. You and your family or friends can completely relax and enjoy the many wonders Kyoto has to offer.

Feel home at in your own townhouse

Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Included Amenities

Bicycles, air conditioners, gas heater(winter), microwave, toaster, fridge, electric cooker, cooking equipment, tableware, washing machine, iron, TV(Japanese broadcasts), hairdryer.
Towels, linens, body soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, laundry detergent.
Coffee and tea are also provided.

*All bedding is Japanese futons and mattresses.

Komachiya 1Floor

Internet Connection

Free WiFi connection is available. IT devices brought by guests will connect in the house.

Komachiya 2Floor

Excluded Amenities

Nightwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, hairbrushes, cosmetics are NOT provided. We do not provide meals.

No Smoking policy

As Komachiya is a historical building there can be NO open flames on the premises. Smokers must please leave the premises before smoking. This includes e-cigarettes.

Komachiya Amenities

Room Layout

Komachiya 1Floor Komachiya 2Floor

*All the rooms are separated with sliding doors (no walls) which is typical in traditional Japanese houses.

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